The Official Dynamo Gaming Discord music bot

delivers a high quality music with stunning audio effects

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Dynamic Music

A Discord Music bot build with JDA (Java Discord Api) and uses lavaplayer library which ensures quality performance

  • Provides different audio filters such as BassBoost effect.
  • Also uses Youtube Api for premium members to get fast search results.
  • Provides premium music experience.
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Total Servers






Premium Guilds


Dynamic Music provides premium service where you get customised premium discord bot which you can add upto 100 guilds which means you can verify your own music bot from discord, it is hosted on saperate instance which ensures high quality performance.

Sound Effects

Access to all the premium audio effects/filters, more will be added in future

Custom Bot Name

You can rename your bot at any time also you can update the Listening status

High Perfomance

Saperate instance gives a free space which results in smooth playback and uptime

Runs on multiple servers

You can add it upto 100 servers, after that you have to contact developer to continue the service

Playlist Support

You can enjoy your favourite playlist form YouTube, Spotify support will be added soon

Custom Profile Picture

You can edit your bots profile picture at any time also you can get a custom prefix for your bot


Dynamic Music gets ready with zero configuration just give read access where you are going to use it and you are ready to rock the music.

YouTube Search

User can play songs by passing a youtube url or just passing query.

Smooth Playback.

Quality audio and crystal clear sound ensures premium music experience

Zero Lag

Runs 24/7 online. Hosted on Google cloud platform, never miss a single beat with Dynamic Music.

Audio Fliters

Premium feature includes different audio filters such as BassBoost, Nightcore etc.


Dynamic Music is available in three premium tiers. Premium tier unlocks powerful features of dynamic music which helps you to fully customise your own bot the way you want. If you need more help just contact us on our support server.


$0 / month

  • Full Player Control
  • No Queue limit
  • Live Stream playback
  • BassBoost effect
  • Audio Filters

Premium T1

$2 / month

  • All the previous tier perks
  • BassBoost effect
  • Audio Filters
  • Custom Bot avatar
  • Custom Bot Name


$49 / year

  • All the previous tier perks
  • Custom Bot avatar
  • Custom Bot Name
  • Custom Bot Prefix
  • Runs upto 100 servers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add Dynamic Music to my server?

    You can add Dynamic Music to your Discord server by clicking here You must have a role with the “Administrator” or the “Manage Server” permission to be able to add to your Discord Server.

  • The bot will only listen to music commands invoked in channels it can actually write to. Simply override it such that the music bot can only talk in the channels you want the bot to be usable from. If you want to restrict the bot to a specific role, you can always just restrict the bot to a channel only accessible by a specific set of roles

  • Just create a role named 'DJ' The bot will add access automatically.

  • Adding music to the playlist is pretty simple. To start playing a track, use the .play command. Here are two examples:
    .play Hello adele

  • Make sure bot is not muted for you by right clicking it in your voice channel. If it is not muted then try changing the voice region in Server Settings (you can change it right back).This will reset the voice connection to discord servers which may be wonky at times.
    If that doesn't resolve your issue, you can also try issuing the .dc command.

  • This happens when youtube blocks ip address. No need to panic, it takes 10-15 minutes to get back to normal.